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'Slim chance' of finding survivors in Volga wreck

'Slim chance' of finding survivors in Volga wreck
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Officials in Russia said Monday there is little chance of finding anyone alive in the wreck of the Bulgaria, the tourist boat which sank on Sunday on the Volga river in just eight minutes.

They are investigating all possible causes. The ship was already listing to the right when it left Kazan and it seems likely that this was caused by a technical problem.

The Volga is an iconic river that cuts through the heart of Russia.

Day trips on its waters are popular with both locals and foreigners alike.

Media reports in Russia have concentrated on its age – it built in 1956 in what was then Czechoslovakia.

It has also been suggested the boat was overcrowded.

An estimated 208 people were on board the Bulgaria. 80 were rescued by a passing boat.