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Swiss party looks to ban PowerPoint

Swiss party looks to ban PowerPoint
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A political party has spawned in Switzerland with the soul aim of banning PowerPoint.
The APPP (Anti-PowerPoint Party) says that the time wasted by the presentation software costs the Swiss economy 2.1 billion Swiss Francs (€1.7 billion) annually and €110 billion for the rest of Europe. 
The APPP bases its calculations on verified assumptions about the number of employees attending such meetings each week, and presumes that 85% of them find them pointless.
Under the rules of the Swiss political system, the party only needs to obtain the signatures of 100,000 voters to be able to push through a national referendum on the matter. It also plans to present candidates for the national elections in October.
The party says it’s also looking for others to get involved in translating its website into other languages to promote the idea to a larger audience; they stated “We want the world to take note of this cause.”

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