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Striking taxi drivers block roads in Athens

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Striking taxi drivers block roads in Athens
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Taxi drivers in Athens have gone on strike as part of demonstrations against deregulation of numerous sectors.
Roads were blocked, disrupting traffic over long distances, as taxis parked up around the transport ministry.
The head of the Athens taxi-drivers’ union Thymios Lyberopoulos spoke through a megaphone to crowds of angry protesters who were shaking their fists in the direction of the ministry.
“If they don’t listen, if they don’t listen – be it the prime minister or a minister – then, as the prime minister once said, we will force them out of office with a hail of stones,” he said.
The Greek government is seeking to push through reforms that will liberalise several professions, including taxi driving.
The government says it wants to increase competitiveness in the country and end the monopolies and corruption that hinder growth.
Liberalisation of trades is one of the reforms demanded of Athens under the first bailout package Greece received from the European Union and International Monetary Fund last year.