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Speculation begins on a Strauss-Kahn bounce-back

Speculation begins on a Strauss-Kahn bounce-back
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Talk has already begun of former head of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn making a political comeback. On Friday, a New York court returned his bail money and set him free. Strauss-Kahn had been under house arrest in Manhattan, wearing an electronic tag and watched over by armed guards.

There is speculation that he could be in a position to run for the French presidency as the Socialist Party candidate. The party’s leader, Martine Aubry, plans on running against Nicolas Sarkozy but she would not be drawn into the speculation:

“The truth is coming out in America. Of course I’m happy that Dominique is free to move around the country. I would like the truth to come out even faster. I’d like to hear it and I’d like him to be treated with more respect.”

The case against Strauss-Kahn is looking less certain following the leaking of weaknesses in the New York prosecutor’s case. Details have emerged which paint the alleged victim as unreliable. One problem with her account is she has now admitted to not telling the truth about cleaning another hotel room before reporting the incident. Other leaked details claim she has lied about her US application for asylum, having been raped before and her income tax.

Strauss-Kahn has until midnight July 13 to declare his intention to run for President, but he would have to be free in time for primaries in October.