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Poland's environmental stance attacked

Poland's environmental stance attacked
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Poland’s position on the environment is drawing criticism from othe EU members. José Bové is a French Green MEP and Chairman of the European Parliament’s Agricultural Committee. He says not making the environment a priority is a big mistake.

“Poland is going the wrong way. It’s looking in the rearview mirror. The European Parliament says we should cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30%. Today Poland remains stuck at 20%.”

“I met the Polish Prime Minister and I understand that the environment, climate, is not at issue on its agenda. And that’s a bit worrying because we are only a few months off the next climate change summit in Durban, South Africa, and it’s Poland who’ll represent Europe. So there is a real shift.”

“Poland has sold rights to multinational oil and gas companies to search for gas and shale oil. I think that there’s a real problem here. But I would say that today it’s a global problem for Europe to take on responsibility for development of reserves while at the same time adhering to constraints that are climate related. I think this is a fundamental issue.”

“Up to now it’s been the industrialised countries of northern Europe that have been responsible for the effect on climate. Now it is up to us to lead the way. If we’re not able to speak with one voice, how can we expect that in the future countries like India and China will agree to our common destiny?”