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Civil service strike threat looms over EU

Civil service strike threat looms over EU
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EU workers in Brussels have threatened strike action in the face of possible job, wage and pension cuts. Budget talks are still ongoing but many civil servants fear they will bear the brunt with hefty financial savings potentially in the pipeline.

Unions say they will fight any cost cutting measures.

Our correspondent Rafael Cereceda in Brussels says:

‘‘The rumour mill and a letter signed by eight member states which calls for EU budget cuts has been enough to put unions on red alert. Nevertheless, they will have their work cut out to convince Europe’s citizens about their demands.’‘

Just outside the Commission many were against the idea of a walkout. ‘‘I don’t think they have any excuse to strike, they have enough privileges already” was one opinion. ‘‘In every member state people are having to hand in privileges, as well as money, so I think it is normal that measures are taken in the context of the European institutions as well.’‘