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US Congress delivers mixed results on Libya

US Congress delivers mixed results on Libya
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Victories and losses for President Obama’s involvement in Libya – though overall, it was good news from Congress.

At first, the House of Representatives rejected a largely symbolic measure giving the President the authority to continue US involvement in the military operations.

However, later voting did go Obama’s way with the rejection of a Republican-lead initiative to cut off funding for the military’s participation in Libya. This means US drone attacks and airstrikes can continue alongside the work with NATO.

There was also good news for some Libyan families separated by the conflict. A Red Cross boat transported 300 passengers from the capital Tripoli, to the port city of Benghazi. The people onboard are returning to Benghazi after fighting forced them to leave. On the ship’s return journey, it will carry more than 100 Tripoli residents back to their homes and families.