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Turkey greatly concerned by Syrian border activity

Turkey greatly concerned by Syrian border activity
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Turkey is growing ever more concerned by Syrian troop activity close to it’s southern border.

Authorities in Syria claim the military presence on it’s frontier with Turkey is a force deployed to root out terrorists.

Mustapha Bag is on the Turkey/Syria border for euronews:

“We are 150 metres from the Turkey/Syrian border. The tower behind me is Turkish and a base for Turkish soldiers. The opposite side belongs to Syria where snipers are hidden.”

The Syrian military sweep through the northwest protest areas has sent 12,000 Syrian’s scurrying for help in Turkey and prompted Amnesty International to call on the Arab League to do something about the worsening situation.

A group of Kuwaiti MPs visited the make shift camps, Jumanal Harbati, one of the party said:

“What is happening in Syria is more deadly than what Israel did in Gaza, the world should understand this. If there is one Mohammed al Doura killed in Gaza, there are hundreds like him killed in Syria.”

Despite the brutality of the crackdown more and more ordinary citizens are prepared to risk their lives to protest against the rule of President Assad.