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Pro-Gaddafi forces step up attacks on Misrata

Pro-Gaddafi forces step up attacks on Misrata
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Fighting has intensified around the Libyan city of Misrata. It has come under heavy fire from forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who have launched rockets at the city.

The opposition had managed to drive out the army in mid-May, breaking the siege, but over the last few days Gaddafi’s forces have renewed their efforts to take back the city. So far, only neighbourhoods on the outskirts have been hit, however, the Libyan army is better trained and equipped than the rebels it is fighting.

Meanwhile, the Italian Foreign Minister is calling for an end to all fighting so that humanitarian aid can be delivered.

Zlitan is still under siege by government forces and despite their attempts, the opposition have not been able to push further west.

Libyan state television showed images of what appeared to be part of a NATO aircraft, saying it was a downed Apache helicopter. A NATO spokesman said contact had been lost with an unmanned drone helicopter in a surveillance operation. Unverified reports also claim shelling by NATO naval ships in Zlitan has killed dozens of civilians. The accusation comes after NATO admitted on Sunday to killing innocent people in airstrikes on Tripoli. A rebel spokesman says the NATO strikes have been hitting loyalist military targets in Zlitan almost every day.