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European workers' unions protest dog-bone austerity

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European workers' unions protest dog-bone austerity
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Thousands of protesters against spending cuts and austerity have been marching in Luxembourg. Trade Union members from all around Europe showed their disgust.

They said that while incompetence by banks continues with impunity and vast billions are sunk into a proven faulty financial system, social programmes are stripped to the bone.

One activist said: “Now what we need is not a policy of austerity. We need growth, we need investment, we need eurobonds, we need a financial transaction tax to find a solution for the Greek people and for the other countries in Europe that are in danger.”

Another marcher said: “It is important for us that Europe not be destroyed. We have to ensure Europe’s social dimension has a future. The Greeks are a part of us, as well as the Germans, and German politics has to stop acting in favour of the interests of capital. Politics must work for a social Europe.”

The protesters also condemned the ‘euro plus pact’ for economic governance of the European Union, set to go before the European Parliament and Council, fearing the effect of the pact on salaries, collective bargaining and social protection.