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Turkish President reacts to Assad speech

Turkish President reacts to Assad speech
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The Turkish President has slammed his Syrian counterpart’s speech on reform as “not enough”.

Speaking in Ankara, Abdullah Gul urged Bashar al-Assad to transform Syria into a multi-party state.

Commentators say its another sign that Turkey is losing patience with its erstwhile ally.

When asked, Gul told reporters he believes Assad wants to act but needs to do more. “Everything has changed,” he said, “countries are transforming into multi-party systems. Things should be organised according to what the people want.”

At the Yayladagi refugee camp in Turkey, Assad’s speech was met by angry jeers. His promise for a national dialogue on reform “soon” failed to fully engage the demands of protesters who have defied a fierce military crackdown for three months now, calling for greater freedoms.

The crisis is the gravest challenge so far to Assad’s 11-year rule.