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Greeks want freedom back

Greeks want freedom back
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The cross on the Greek flag is a symbol of national faith, but many ordinary Greeks are fighting despair. They feel condemned to suffer austerity for macro-financial errors not of their own making. euronews asked on the streets of Athens, and found hope razor thin.

One Athenian said “I was working for an IT company, a new technologies company, and the business is now 50 percent of what it was before the crisis. Since I have a lot of experience, I was very expensive for the company, and so I lost my job.”
A young woman said “My future yes, I’m very concerned. I don’t know what will happen in the future. For me and my life, my dreams, my family. I don’t know.”

Private sector workers blame the bloated public sector; civil servants blame tax cheats for the problems. The labour minister estimates a quarter of the economy pays no tax. And yet patriotism survives.

Another woman told us “We just fight for our country. We fight against the IMF. We want our freedom back because right now we don’t have a free government. We don’t have freedom. And from the European people we only ask for more solidarity.”