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Libyan officials claim seven deaths in Nato attack

Libyan officials claim seven deaths in Nato attack
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A residential area in Tripoli has been hit by a Nato airstrike killing seven civilians. Those are the claims of the Libyan government who took western journalists to the Arada neighbourhood of the Libyan capital to see the shattered building.

A body was taken out of the rubble of the destroyed building, though reporters say they saw no smoke.

“Basically, this is another night of murder and terror and horror in Tripoli caused by NATO,” said Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim.

Five families were reported to be living in the building before it was hit. Journalists were taken to a local hospital were they were shown three bodies which officials said were people killed in the attack.

It is not possible to verify the government’s account of what happened.

Nato has responded to the claims saying they are aware of the reports of the air strike and are looking into the situation.