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Deadly China floods force mass evacuation

Deadly China floods force mass evacuation
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Over half a million people have been evacuated in southern China after four days of torrential rain flooded vast areas of seven provinces.

State media are saying that at least 105 people have been killed and 65 are missing.

The government has raised its disaster alert to four – its highest – and the floods are being described as the worst in over 50 years.

The army has been mobilized to help with the relief operation. Thousands of people are trapped in their homes waiting to be rescued. Others are doing what they can to help themselves.

The worst affected area is in Zhejiang Province where two dykes were breached on Thursday. The waters from the Qianting River poured into two towns and 21 villages.

In some places the problem has been made worse by landslides which have blocked rivers and caused further flooding.

Forecasters are warning of more rain in the coming days especially in the south-west.