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Concern in the Amazon as land dispute claims another victim

Concern in the Amazon as land dispute claims another victim
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In Brazil another funeral of a peasant worker has sharpened the focus on a wave of violence over land rights which has already claimed the lives of six people in less than a month.

Thirty-one-year old Jose Da Silva, an Amazon activist, was the latest victim.

Protesters are demanding government action to protect and secure the rainforest region in the north of the country.

“Unfortunately the government is not taking the appropriate measures. On the contrary, it ends up sending signals through actions and policies that stimulate these crimes in the Amazon, because instead of punishing those responsible for the murders and for deforestation, the government recognizes land grabbing,” explained Greenpeace Director, Sergio Leitao adding, “ In 2008 the government legally recognised the invasion of 66 million hectares. That is the equivalent of the size of two European countries, France and Germany.”

The crime surge in the state of Para has prompted Brazil’s president Dilma Rouseff to hold an emergency meeting with local authorities.

And in further action aimed to protect the world’s largest rainforest, the government has sent extra troops to the region.