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Erdogan lines up super-majority in Turkish poll

Erdogan lines up super-majority in Turkish poll
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Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan looks set to win a third term as the country heads towards a June 12 general election.

In power since 2002, Erdogan’s AK Party has overseen a period of unprecedented economic growth and greater respect on the world stage as a powerhouse in the region.

The question remains as to whether the AK Party can deliver the 367 seats that will give Erdogan a super-majority that will allow the administration to rewrite the constitution, without having to resort to a referendum.

The opposition Social Democrats accuse Erdogan of wanting to monopolise power. While they admit the constitution needs reform, they claim that without input from other parties, Turkey will get an AK version of democracy and one that will concentrate too much power in Erdogan’s hands.

The far-right Nationalist Movement Party, led by Devlet Bahceli, is pushing hard for the 10 percent threshold necessary to take seats in parliament.

The party looks set to take a few knocks at the ballot box after a sex, lies and videotape scandal led to the resignation of 10 senior MPs.

The pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party will be looking to act as a bulwark against Erdogan in the southeast of the country. It is desperate for a new constitution, but not one written by the AK Party. The Kurds distrust the ruling party’s Islamist past.