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Markets nervous over Peru election

Markets nervous over Peru election
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Left-wing candidate Ollanta Humala is unsettling financial markets as polls indicate he could win Peru’s presidential election.

The final round is on Sunday and two polls put him slightly ahead of his rival, lawyer Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of the former president.

Humala said,

“We can’t return to a corrupt dictatorship which, in international statistics, show that Alberto Fujimori was the seventh most corrupt president on the planet who embezzled 600 million dollars.”

Keiko Fujimori has vowed to continue her father’s free market model which has seen the country’s economy grow nearly as fast as China in recent years.

“Mr Ollanta Humala doesn’t have clear ideas and that generates mistrust in our country. It is a great problem for the development of our economy”.

But critics fear she could also repeat the mistakes of her father who is now serving 25 years for corruption.

Humala, a former army commander, maintains that financial markets have no reason to fear him and that he has toned down his radical past.