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The electronic sound of Nuits Sonores in Lyon

The electronic sound of Nuits Sonores in Lyon
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One of Europe’s leading independent electro music festivals has got underway in Lyon in France.

‘Nuits Sonores’ — or ‘Nights of Sound’ — has built its reputation since 2003 featuring more than 700 international artistes from many different music genres.

It is where house meets hip-hop, and techno mingles with rock, electronica and dance.

Among the opening night musicians were Fowatile an alternative hip hop group who played in front of a home crowd.

The group’s David Kiledjian said: “The idea is that we play digital music, but through real instruments. So there’s an electric drum kit, the keyboards, and everything is sent to the control tower. Everything is dressed in real instruments because we are still playing in a live group. We don’t use sequences, everything is live even though you might not believe when you hear it.”

“Battles” is an American experimental rock group, founded in 2002 in New York City. They also helped to open Lyon’s electro music festival.

They describe their music style as somewhere beteween Rock, Pop, experimental, electronic and improvisation.

Ian Williams explained: “We are sort of a rock band but at the same time there are electronic elements in it. We use a lot of loops, repetitions, then go with variations on those repetitions and people tend to hear influences coming from a lot of places in our music. Both sort of Latin and African and sort of disco.”

The New York alternative rock band are on world tour right now to promote their new album “Battles Drop” which is just out. It is the band’s second album and features guests including Gary Numan, Kazu Makino and Yamantaka Eye