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Call to decriminalise drugs

Call to decriminalise drugs
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The global war on drugs has failed, a group of past and present world leaders said on Thursday.

The report, by the Global Commission for Drug Policy, says criminalisation has cost millions and has only succeeded in fuelling organised crime.

British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson said drug users should no longer be treated as criminals.

“I think what the commission would like is for European countries to experiment,” Branson told euronews.

“We won’t lock people up who take marijuana in fact lets have some European countries regulate marijuana.”

Former Colombian president Cesar Gaviria said harm reduction policies have been generally successful.

“There are alternatives to the policy of total prohibition,” Gaviria told euronews.

The US, Mexican and British governments have rejected the report’s findings.

Branson was a member of the commission panel, which also included former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou.