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Srebrenica relatives react to Mladic capture

Srebrenica relatives react to Mladic capture
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The “Mothers of Srebrenica” is an organisation of women who lost their sons, husbands and brothers in the 1995 massacre. Word that the man in charge at Srebrenica has been captured drew mixed reactions from relatives of the dead. Here were some of the members’ remarks when the news came in about General Ratko Mladic.

Sabaheta Fejzic said: “I am not that happy. I was disappointed so many times by the work of the Hague Tribunal, and because Serbia protected him for so long, and because he enjoyed life and the benefits of this world for so long.”

Kada Hotic said: “For all these years this monster was hidden by Serbia, and they knew where he was. Well, at least they are handing him over to face justice now. But I’m afraid of another trial without a verdict as happened before.”

Zumra Sahomeriovic said: “It’s proof that this type of crime never fades, and that the perpetrators will face justice.”