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French police make G8 a protest-free zone

French police make G8 a protest-free zone
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Deauville itself was a fortress keeping any anti G8 protesters out, so they found other places to stage their demonstrations, like the nearby channel ports of Caen and Le Havre.

Organisers criticised the French authorities for not allowing them to demonstrate in the chic resort itself, deploying 12,000 police to keep out just a few hundred activists.

Among the banners was one suggesting the rich nation’s club would have done better to meet in Fukushima, the Japanese city stricken by the tsunami and subsequent nuclear meltdown.

Deauville itself tolerated one protest which had apparently slipped under the radar.

“Our main message is that the promises the G8 made in 2005, to assure universal access to anti-aids treatment, have not been fullfilled. Today only a third of people that need treatment can access it,” said Miss Promise, who led a small invasion of the conference centre.

Other protests were held near the local branch of the BNP Paribas bank, and in Paris.