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Obama and Cameron talk tough on jobs and Libya

Obama and Cameron talk tough on jobs and Libya
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There will be “no let up” in pressure on Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi. That is just one of the key messages that emerged from Barack Obama’s talks with David Cameron at Downing Street.

The US president and the British prime minister said they both believe Gaddafi will be forced from power, but they also warned it will require a slow and steady campaign. All options are on the table, Cameron added. But the two men also spoke about a range of other issues.

“We’ve been talking today about the two things we care about most: getting our people jobs and keeping our people safe,” said Cameron.

And as part of their commitment to keeping people safe, Obama and Cameron also paid tribute to the role of the armed forces; several servicemen and women were invited to the Number 10 garden for a barbecue where they were served by the two leaders and their wives.