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Moscow stands firm on Gay Pride ban

Moscow stands firm on Gay Pride ban
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Moscow City Council appears to be sticking to its decision to ban a planned Gay Pride march next weekend for a sixth year in a row – despite continuing pressure from Russia’s gay movement including a protest march on Sunday.

At a press conference Pavel Samburov of the United Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rainbow Association explained why they wanted to hold the rally.

“We often can’t say who we are at work because they might not hire us, they might fire us, they can taunt us or not like us,” he said.

“The biggest sphere is society. As we have already said, LGBT people meet a huge amount of both verbal and physical violence.”

The European Union and human rights groups have been trying to overturn the ban.

But it is popular with many Muscovites who organised an anti-gay rally on Saturday.

And a recent poll reported 84 per cent of Russians believed homosexuality was immoral.