France still perplexed as DSK bailed

France still perplexed as DSK bailed
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France woke up to the news on Friday that Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been released on bail.

The allegations surrounding the former IMF chief have dominated headlines for the past five days, as well as the perceived injustice of the US legal system.

“It’s a typically American affair…one is guilty before facing trial. I hope he gets off because I find this story really strange,” said one Parisian man.

“I think he’s got to defend himself now and the truth will out. If he’s guilty, he’ll go back to jail. If not, he’ll go home,” said another

Ségolène Royal, Strauss-Kahn’s former rival to be the Socialist Party’s presidential candidate, called on the French media to concentrate on other matters.

Royal said journalists should focus on the everyday problems facing the country, telling a French broadcaster: “This American judicial soap opera is taking over our news bulletins day in, day out.”

Strauss-Kahn will appear in court again on June 6, when he will enter a plea.

He denies the charges against him of sexual assault, attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment.