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On the ground with Libya's rebels

On the ground with Libya's rebels
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Putting their lives on the line and their faith in their weapons, Libyan rebels are moving into unknown territory.

Euronews accompanied a group of fighters as they burst into a house in Tawarga, a no-mans-land near rebel-held Misrata. What they found, amid a hail of gunfire, was pro-Gaddafi troops hiding inside.

“There are no injured people, just fatalities,” said our reporter at the scene, Alberto Arce. “The rebels are still firing inside. Very probably, it is Gaddafi’s soldiers resisting the rebels’ attack. The gunfire is really intense.”

Two dead pro-government fighters and two dead rebels were the human cost of this episode in a conflict that seems to be going nowhere.

Military victory for the rebels seems a distant prospect, despite NATO’s help. Colonel Gaddafi’s regime, meanwhile, is digging in its heels in Tripoli.