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Rebels drive out Gaddafi loyalists from Misrata

Rebels drive out Gaddafi loyalists from Misrata
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Libyan rebels on Saturday drove out the last of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s forces from Misrata after weeks of fighting to gain control of the western city.

Footage filmed by euronews reporter Alberto Arce showed the rebels preparing to advance outside of the city in an attempt to stem any further attacks by Gaddafi loyalists.

NATO strikes have continued to pound Libya. Since the end of March the alliance has completed more than 2,400 sorties.

However, it appears that Colonel Gaddafi is still alive. Libyan state television broadcast a message said to have been recorded by him in which he taunted the alliance as a “cowardly crusader” after its warplanes bombed his Tripoli compound.

Gaddafi said he was now some place “where you cannot reach and where you cannot kill me,” hinting that he had fled the capital.

Meanwhile, the country is preparing for the funerals of 11 imams killed in what the Gaddafi regime said was a NATO air strike.

They reportedly lost their lives early Friday as they met in the eastern city of Brega.