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Yemen back on the brink of chaos

Yemen back on the brink of chaos
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The situation in Yemen is becoming more confrontational. On Friday President Ali Abdullah Saleh held a defiant rally attended by thousands of supporters in the capital Sanaa.

After pulling out of a proposed Gulf Arab deal which would have seen him step down within 30 days of signing, he now seems more determined to cling to power.

He told a crowd of loyal, flag-waving supporters that he will confront a challenge with a challenge.

Wednesday night saw some of the most serious clashes so far with claims by protesters that at least 13 of them were killed by the security forces.

The overall death toll is now estimated at 160.

Saleh is calling the demonstrators sabateurs, describing their actions as destruction and vandalism.

Just a few days ago it seemed a diplomatic solution to end the violence was in place. Now it looks as if there is no quick fix for Yemen, already the poorest country in the region.