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Show of interfaith unity in Cairo

Show of interfaith unity in Cairo
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Under the sign of the cross and crescent moon entwined, thousands took to Tahrir square in Cairo on Friday in a show of Christian and Muslim solidarity after last week’s deadly sectarian attack.

There were calls for national unity, but also demands for the interim military government to do more to support the Palestinians.

“I’m here today for two reasons. Firstly to support the civil unity of Muslims and Christians and also to support the Palestinians. United Egypt’s Christians and Muslims will be the ones who free Palestine from the Zionist injustice,” said one man.

The crowd chanted, among other things, “We are going to Jerusalem even if we are one million martyrs”, and a succession of speakers shouted “Death to Israel”.

However the authorities have closed off the Sinai and the access it affords to the Gaza strip ahead of a planned march this weekend to commemorate the foundation of the state of Israel. Only residents will be allowed through.