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Rome reels amid earthquake fears

Rome reels amid earthquake fears
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Rome is living up to its reputation as the Eternal City.

Shutters have come down right across the Italian capital due to fears of an imminent earthquake, predicted by the late, self-trained seismologist, Raffaele Bendandi.

Lots of people heard the rumour and there has even been some propaganda. Some people went to the outskirts of Rome or to Milan. Others have gone to another country in Europe, whilst some have even gone to China.

“Look at this, it was supposed to happen last night, and here we are, still alive and happy,” said one man. “Rome is the most beautiful city in the world. Let’s hope Nature doesn’t go crazy and destroy it.”

Authorities did their best to quell the rumours but it seems many people decided to leave the city, just in case.

Italy was shaken by 22 minor tremors before noon but this is normal for the country. None has so far proved to be the devastating quake predicted.