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What future for Schengen?

What future for Schengen?
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Germany has backed France’s bid for member states to overrule Europe’s Schenegen border treaty in special circumstances.

France has called for changes to Schengen rules to allow countries to reinstate temporary border controls when their frontiers come under pressure from non-european Union migrants.

It comes as Europe tries to control thousands of migrants escaping politcal unrest in North Africa.

Italy supports the idea. So far this year 25,000 migrants have swamped the small island of Lampedusa.

German politician and Member of the European Parliament from the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance, Franziska Keller said: “At the moment the Commission is not clear at all in what exceptions they mean. They have just said in an emergency situation and they have not defined what those emergency situations could be.

“I am afraid that it might come down to creating too many exceptions, too many occasions for which border controls can be reintroduced and that would be a great danger to one of the core fundamental issues of the European Union.”

The European parliament is considering the idea.

A special meeting will be held later in the week and more talks are expected in the runup to an EU summit in June.

MEP for the European People’s Party Joseph Daul defended the Schengen border treaty.

“I say Schengen is fine, there are some technical improvements to be made it’s not a problem, we can always improve, but we do not need change Schengen, we need to apply it and every country can make border checks.”

The events in the south of Europe have confirmed the need for a strong immigration and asylum policy in the EU.