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NATO deny Gaddafi assassination attempt

NATO deny Gaddafi assassination attempt
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The Libyan government has accused NATO of deliberately targeting Colonel Muammar Gaddafi after the alliance launched a number of night strikes in the capital Tripoli.

NATO war planes conducted several bombing runs on government buildings.

Libyan officials escorted journalists to the offices of the country’s High Commission for Children, which suffered extensive damage.

A hospital was also partially hit after a nearby telecommunications tower was felled by a missile.

NATO has denied any moves to kill Gaddafi. Brigadier General Claudio Gabellini gave the media details of the night’s mission: “NATO is not targeting individuals. No individual is a target for NATO. We only look after command and control centres. The target is to stop Mr Gaddafi ordering his troops to slaughter civilians and block humanitarian aid from coming into the country.So we are not interested in individuals, in Mr Gaddafi’s life.”

The raids came as Western powers planned their next move as the conflict to oust the Libyan leader appears to have reached stalemate.