US considers publishing photos of bin Laden's body

US considers publishing photos of bin Laden's body
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Despite the compound where Osama bin Laden died suddenly becoming a place for the curious, the US is under pressure to release photographs to prove the al-Qaeda leader is dead.

With many Muslims questioning American assertions over the raid, Washington has been forced onto the back foot and is having to clarify more of the details of the operation.

In particular the White House has changed its initial story that bin Laden resisted arrest in a shoot out. It has now been confirmed he was unarmed when he was shot dead.

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“First of all I think resistance doesn’t require a firearm – He was not armed is what I understand to be true,” said White House spokesman Jay Carney.

With bin Laden careful not to use easily traced internet or phone lines it is already known that the 9/11 mastermind was found via a trusted courier. That man travelled regularly to the compound, but according to a US Congressman his name was obtained via the use of torture.

Peter King, Homeland Security chairman said: “I have spoken to people who are very close to the situation, who said initial information came from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed after he was waterboarded directly relating to the courier and that after extensive interrogating also of Al Libi more information came, but initially information about the courier came from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed after waterboarding.”

The information obtained over the last nine years from key prisoners at Guantanamo has supported arguments for those who are against the controversial centre’s closure.

But it has also re-ignited the debate over when is it ever acceptable to use torture in the fight against terrorism.

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