Canadian PM Harper celebrates election win

Canadian PM Harper celebrates election win
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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will head a majority government for the first time after his Conservative Party won Monday’s parliamentary elections.

The Conservatives picked up nearly 40 percent of the vote, taking 167 seats in Canada’s parliament.

Harper, who had previously headed two minority governments in his five years as PM, says he can secure Canada’s economic recovery and wipe out its budget deficit.

The 52-year-old says this can be achieved by slashing public spending and cutting taxes.

Jack Layton’s left-leaning New Democrats (NDP) are now the second biggest party in parliament, winning 102 seats.

Layton argues for higher corporate taxes and scrapping subsidies for the country’s key energy sector.

The NDP’s success came at the expense of Michael Ignatieff’s Liberal Party.

The Liberals, which held power for most of the 20th Century, posted their worst-ever result, winning just 34 seats.