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Syrian forces 'arresting people in their homes' in Deraa

Syrian forces 'arresting people in their homes' in Deraa
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Latest reports say Syrian security forces have been continuing their crackdown on opposition in Deraa.

New images posted on the internet are thought to show clashes from recent days.

People cower in the road amid grounded motorbikes as the sound of gunshots rings out. Several individuals appear to have been shot; bloodstains are visible as people try to care for them amid the panic.

The authenticity of the pictures cannot be verified.

A medical source is quoted as saying 19 were killed on Friday when security forces fired on protesters trying to enter Deraa from nearby villages. Human rights groups say more than 60 died nationwide.

Residents and activists allege security forces have been arresting people in their homes. Snipers have reportedly been firing from rooftops.

There have been calls for demonstrations to “break the siege” following the week-long clampdown that has left Deraa without water or electricity.

Government troops are said to be in control of the old town and the Omari mosque, a focal point for protests.

The authorities blame what they call “armed terrorists” for the violence.