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Sony could face legal action over huge data breach

Sony could face legal action over huge data breach
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Sony could face global legal action after it belatedly revealed one of the biggest online data breaches ever.

It follows the warning by the Japanese electronics giant that users of its online playstation service may have had personal information, including credit card details, stolen.

US lawyers are reported to be considering a possible lawsuit, while a UK government watchdog has launched an investigation.

The massive data hack has all been very frustrating for the gamers, some expressing shock and anger.

“For the first three days I didn’t know what was going on. I wasn’t sure if they’d been hacked in to or they’d shut down or… I mean, they still haven’t told me today. I have had to rely on going on their personal blog and hoping they’ll tell me something,” said Playstation gamer Dylan Scott

Branding expert Jonathan Gabay believes the scale of breach will make consumers think harder before handing over personal information.

“I think that people are now going to question all types of companies, all types of brands when it comes to giving details of their data, and it’s something that is here to stay.”

In all, hackers are estimated to have accessed the profile data of some 77 million individuals.

Like Microsoft, Sony’s network allows its members to play video games with other users online. It’s now thought the US software giant could benefit with many customers jumping ship.