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No royal wedding cake for Blair and Brown

No royal wedding cake for Blair and Brown
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Sir Elton John will be there, a former Spice girl will be there. Even the governor of the tiny island of St Helena and his wife have received a coveted invitation for Friday’s royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

But there are stirrings among some quarters of Britain’s Labour party because two of its former prime ministers who led the country for 13 years between them are not on the guest list.

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have been left out, according to St James’ Palace, because neither has been knighted.

Royal commentator Robert Jobson said: “This isn’t a political decision. It’s the fact that Prince William is not necessarily senior enough to have all those dignitaries there. And actually they want to make this a family occasion too and Tony Blair and Gordon Brown aren’t seen as family.”

Mr Bean obviously is seen as family; he will be there in the form of actor Rowan Atkinson, along with the footballer David Beckham and the postman, publican and butcher from Kate Middleton’s home village.

Former Conservative leaders Sir John Major and Baroness Thatcher have also been invited.