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The world waits as speculation mounts on the Royal Wedding dress

The world waits as speculation mounts on the Royal Wedding dress
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Kate Middleton lives in the public eye her every move has been snapped and recorded since the royal wedding was announced. But Britain’s future Queen retains one secret.

Which dress for Kate, and who is the designer? The ‘fashionistas’ are backing Sarah Burton as the chosen couturier as Alisande Healy Orme, journalist and author of “Kate Style” explained.

“Kate’s dress is actually being made inside Buckingham Palace to keep security, because there is so much more interest now, the paparazzi attention is so much stronger than it was even in the early 80’s on Diana. So it’s maximum security. She’s keeping it a secret even from Prince William apparently, she wants it to be a romantic surprise for him.

‘As far as everyone can tell, it will be Sarah Burton from McQueen and if it is, it will be an absolutely stunning dress, the use of corsetry and tailoring. It will be classic and something that will, as every royal wedding dress does, spark trends immediately,” she explained.

So is the low profile 36-year-old Sarah Burton the chosen one? The designer is the new director of the British fashion house, Alexander McQueen, or could the designer be Brazilian Daniella Helayel or will it be fashioned by Sophie Cranston of the Libelula label.

The secret remains locked in Buckingham Palace and the world waits. Could it be there are several dresses waiting for a final choice, including – claim some – one designed by the bride to be?