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Finns go to the polls

Finns go to the polls
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A very tight race is predicted for today’s general election in Finland. The ruling National Coalition is polling only 21 percent, while three other parties are clustered on between 15 to 19 percent each.

One of those is the Centre party, which supplies the country’s current Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi, another is the Social Democrats, but the third is an upstart challenger that has seen its support mushroom since the 2007 elections.

The True Finns party is a populist anti-European formation especially angry that Finnish taxpayers should be going to the rescue of indebted southern European nations. Leader Timi Soini has vowed he will block the entire EU financial rescue package, as Finland, unlike the other eurozone members, retains the right to put request for funds to a parliamentary vote.

However if a new coalition with True Finn participation emerges once the election dust settles observers say it is expected that they will be forced to moderate that position.