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Wind of change set to ruffle Cuban communists

Wind of change set to ruffle Cuban communists
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Half a century after Cuban revolutionaries fought off an American attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro with the Bay of Pigs invasion, the communist party there is holding a congress that is expected to bring radical change.

The gathering is the first for 14 years and today’s leader Raul Castro will likely bring in liberal economic reforms similar to those introduced by China and Vietnam.

One opponent who fought with Castro during the revolution said the leadership must prepare for the future.

The leader of Cuban Change, Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo said: ‘Fidel and Raul Castro consider themselves eternal. They think they will keep power until the last minute and they haven’t worked on building on the younger generations, younger figures that could succeed them and have a progressive mentality.’

Fidel Castro, who is now 84, handed control of Cuba to his brother Raul in 2008.

But the current leader turns 80 himself in June, and both the leadership and the regime are creaking with age in a 21st century world.

That could be about to change.