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Fighting and diplomacy in Libya

Fighting and diplomacy in Libya
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Fierce fighting has been continuing in the eastern Libyan town of Ajdabiya. Gaddafi’s artillery bombarded rebel positions in their most concerted assault yet.

One reason Ajdabiya is being so violently fought over, is because it is the gateway to the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, 150km to the north.

The insurgents were forced to retreat to the outskirts of the town to re-group.

The Spanish news agency EFE reports that 10 rebels and 21 of Gaddafi’s fighters have been killed.

There’s also been more fighting in and around Misrata in the west.

This NATO video shows precision bombing, targeting Gaddafi’s heavy weaponry.

They claim to have destroyed 15 of his tanks.

His forces’ superior arsenal is one of the reasons the under-armed rebels are struggling to make headway.

Gaddafi appeared in a confident mood over the weekend as he visited a school in Tripoli where children chanted anti-western slogans.

Diplomatic efforts are underway to try to secure an end to the conflict.

A delegation of 5 leaders from the African Union is seeking a meeting with Gaddafi on Sunday, and is also due to meet with rebel leaders in Benghazi.