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Libyan rebels say more dead in NATO error

Libyan rebels say more dead in NATO error
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Rebels in Libya say a NATO air strike near the oil town of Brega has killed at least five people. It is the second time in less than a week that rebels are blaming NATO for bombing them by mistake.

Territory in Libya continues to change hands fast and often between the rebels and Muammar Gaddafi’s forces. Latest reports say an official in the rebel-controlled east denied a government assertion that British planes had attacked the Sarir oilfield. Neither side on the ground seems able to prevail.

While a French minister said NATO air strikes risk getting “bogged down”, on the media front, Tripoli says it still controls the oil fields.

In one of the highly-contested towns, Zawiyah, stories from doctors, government officials and patients varied a lot. A hospital spokesman sowed doubt on Tripoli’s tales of rebel atrocities or destruction, saying the rebels had never controlled the hospital or stopped anyone being treated there. Locals described their visits for regular care as normal.

Their accounts were taken during a tour arranged for international media by the Libyan government. Independent verification is difficult.

A new satellite television channel based in Doha, Qatar, Libya Free TV, is said to have been set up with donations from expatriate Libyans. It says its aim is to help create a democratic foundation in Libya and to counteract Libyan state television.