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Civilians suffer as Ivory Coast power battle rages

Civilians suffer as Ivory Coast power battle rages
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Getting hold of food and water is becoming an increasingly difficult task for civilians as the fight for Abidjan rages on.

Power cuts are frequent, rubbish is piling up on the streets and hospitals are overwhelmed with the wounded.

Euronews spoke by telephone to a businessman in Ivory Coast’s main city, who prefers to remain anonymous.

“There will almost certainly be a humanitarian crisis,” he said. “People are getting up early in the morning to move about. They are walking around with jerry cans, looking for water, here and there. It is not easy.

“We will soon have been without water for four days. Fortunately, we don’t have a baby or children with us. We have got those who we could to safety. There are only adults left. And we manage with what we have got, in dribs and drabs. We don’t take showers. We avoid wasting water. We go looking – there are watering holes. Often people use pumps to extract water.

“We are waiting. We want to be evacuated. We are calling (the French forces) but can’t get through. There is no network. I am amazed that you could manage to reach me because there is no network, no internet, no connection.

“We are waiting. We have a lot of other friends here who want to be evacuated. We don’t know if things are really going to deteriorate. Maybe there will be looting so that people can feed themselves.”