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Ivory Coast's problems go beyond the political

Ivory Coast's problems go beyond the political
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Once the political crisis in Ivory Coast is resolved, the problems in the country will not be over. Aid agencies are warning a of massive humanitarian crisis with over a million people internally displaced.

And then there are those who have left the country altogether and the impact that may have on the region.

Baroness Amos, the undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs for the UN, said: “We’ll need more money, we’ll need a lot more people, this is not going to end just because a political settlement is being negotiated now. There’s going to have to be a huge period of reconciliation and the needs will continue until people feel safe enough and secure enough to return to their homes.”

The UN estimates there are over 120,000 Ivorian refugees in Liberia and several thousand in Ghana, Togo and Guinea.

Liberia is of particular concern with the country undergoing its own process of peace-building and democratic buildup.

There are fears that Ivorian refugees could upset the delicate ethnic balance, generating new tensions.