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Civilians suffer in Yemen conflict

Civilians suffer in Yemen conflict
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For people caught up on the conflict in Yemen the situation is deteriorating rapidly, with basic necessities becoming more scarce and unreliable. For more on this euronews has been speaking to Yann Dutertre, the Country Director for Action Against Hunger in Ivory Coast

“The civilian population is facing two things on a daily basis: on one hand, there’s a lack of resources, and on the other, a jump in the prices. There’s been a price increase in the order of three to four times, or fivefold in the case of some basic food products.

“There are also power cuts, and water has also been cut off in certain districts of Abidjan.

“From a humanitarian point of view, we’re still not in a famine situation, but we are in a situation where food is being severely limited.

“There are big problems with supplies and getting aid teams into the hospitals of Abidjan.

“We don’t feel personally threatened, but because we don’t know who is who, or the whereabouts of the various different armed sides in the conflict, our humanitarian efforts have been considerably reduced.

“Day to day we don’t have the means in place to get the humanitarian help to where it’s needed.”