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Obama begins 2012 White House campaign

Obama begins 2012 White House campaign
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The US President has launched his campaign for re-election to the White House in 2012.

Barack Obama fired the opening salvo with a short announcement on his website.

There is a two-minute video featuring Obama supporters discussing their president and the state of the nation, but the man himself does not appear.

Political observers in Washington believe he will raise one billion dollars for the campaign – a figure never before amassed by a presidential candidate.

But much of the euphoria from last time has worn off, and with a stubbornly high US unemployment rate many are questioning Obama’s ‘Yes We Can’ philosophy of 2008.

The Democrats were trounced in mid-term elections

Several Republicans have made it known they are interested in running for the White House – the gaffe-prone right-wing 2008 vice-presidential hopeful Sarah Palin could well be among them, though none has yet officially declared his or her candidacy.