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Israel says Gaza report must go into the "dustbin"

Israel says Gaza report must go into the "dustbin"
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Israel has called on the UN to cancel a report that said it committed war crimes during its offensive in Gaza in late 2008.

This after the author of the report said he may have been wrong.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said:
“I call on the UN to nullify the Goldstone report. There is no greater absurdity. It’s time to throw this report to the dustbin of history.”

In a Washington Post column published on Friday, South African jurist Richard Goldstone said: “If a had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document.

Goldstone chaired a fact finding mission that produced a report to the UN in 2009. It found that both Israel and the Islamist group Hamas were guilty of war crimes.

Goldstone suggested in his essay that had Israel cooperated with him when he was preparing the report, it could have shown that civilians were not deliberately targeted “as a matter of policy”.

Hamas has dismissed Goldstone’s comments.