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Deadly blasts at Yemen ammunition factory

Deadly blasts at Yemen ammunition factory
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Explosions at a bullet factory in Yemen have reportedly killed at least 110 people.

It happened during clashes between militants and soldiers in the town of Jaar in the southern Abyan province. Witnesses say residents broke into the factory to steal ammunition. It is thought a cigarette triggered a series of explosions.

Elsewhere in the country President Ali Abdullah Saleh continues to face pressure from protesters calling for his removal from office.

One political analyst in Yemen says both sides are strong and determined.

Ali Seif Hassan, the head of the Political Development Forum, said: “It looks like no one can break either side. Therefore, mediation will be the answer. The mediation should be for change and not destruction. It should be aimed at changing the regime, not damaging it.”

As pro- and anti-government rallies continue, reports from Yemen say talks to broker a transition of power have stalled. However, some news agencies quote opposition sources who say a deal is still within reach. Washington is involved in the negotiations.

Some observers say any deal is likely to include the resignations of both President Saleh and his main rival, a general who sent troops to protect the protesters.