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Yemen leader Saleh is negotiating his exit: aides

Yemen leader Saleh is negotiating his exit: aides
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Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh is negotiating his departure with the opposition, his aides have said.

Saleh has already promised to step down by the end of this year but opposition protesters want him to go now after 32 years in power.

However, a deal does not appear to imminent.

Saleh told Al Arabiyah TV that he could leave power but only on the condition that it would be a dignified exit.

He said he was only staying in office in the interests of the country to avert what he called “a destructive civil war” that could “split Yemen into four parts.”

Yemen has been rocked by demonstrations calling for Saleh to quit over the past six weeks.

He has repeatedly refused to resign but the tide appears to have turned against him after snipers loyal to his government shot dead at least 50 protesters on March 17.