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Rebels push westwards in Libya

Rebels push westwards in Libya
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In Libya, convoys of jubilant rebel forces are pushing westwards into the heartland of the Gaddafi regime. It comes after they reportedly took control of the eastern coastal towns of Ras Lanuf, Brega and Uqayla. Pressure from the allied airstrikes forced government forces to fall back.

When they arrived in Ras Lanuf, the rebel fighters found it empty. Gaddafi’s army, they said, had retreated back towards his western stronghold of Sirte. Piles of abandoned munitions suggest Gaddafi’s forces beat a hasty retreat.

The key focus in the battle for western Libya has now shifted to Misrata.It is the rebels’ only outpost in the west of the country, and has been under government assault for days now.

Opposition morale was boosted by their success in taking control of the town of Adjabiya yesterday.

Rebel fighters danced on tanks, waved flags and fired in the air near buildings riddled with bullet holes.

Coalition air strikes are thought to be targeting sites in the west of Libya, Gaddafi’s stronghold of Sirte and Misrata.