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Diplomacy efforts intensify over Libya

Diplomacy efforts intensify over Libya
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Italy and Germany will present a joint plan for Libya at a crucial meeting of the coalition countries in London on Tuesday.

Italy’s La Repubblica quotes Foreign Minister Franco Frattini as saying the plan includes a UN-monitored ceasefire, a humanitarian corridor and a guarantee of exile for Colonel Gaddafi. Leaving Gaddafi in power would be “unthinkable”, he reportedly added.

Frattini also wants a strong commitment from the Arab League and African Union.

But coalition hints at diplomacy have not impressed the Libyan government:“We are the only party in the conflict that said we are prepared to have a political solution. The west refused to come to the ground and talk to us, they sent us rockets and bombs because it is more expensive and good for some European economies. What the west wants in Libya is not democracy , you want oil” said government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim!

Despite the enduring conflict, there has been no sign that Muammar Gaddafi might relinquish power in Libya. Tuesday’s meeting of the twelve participating countries is aimed at mapping out the course of the international operation.